Durham Design Company is an industrial design consultancy providing practical design support for companies of all sizes.  We are dedicated to creating new and meaningful products through detailed design work with materials, functions, and experiences.  We provide our clients with reliable design support from product conceptualization to realization.  Durham Design Company has a history of producing intuitive and enduring products with specific experience in residential kitchen appliances.


Our design process is characteristic of our dedication to exploring new functions, forms and experiences.

Research is an essential step that creates a foundation for the design work.  Gathering knowledge about users, trends, market competitors can be done with different research techniques and for different reasons.  Research efforts can be high or low depending on the project scope, time line, and resources.  Qualitative research will lead to break-through products.

Designing through sketches happens early and through out the design process.  Marker and pen are used often to work out overall form and details.  The fidelity of the drawings usually depends on the audience and even rough sketches will be used to easily communicate the idea effectively. 

A large amount of information about a product will come from a simple 2D drawing.  Often we create design variations in front or side views in order to make key decisions about dimensions, features, and proportions.  Quickly the design moves into simple materials with full scale dimensions and the product begins to take shape.

CAD modeling is an important tool and an integral part of our design process.  Parametric modeling and assemblies help create/organize complex design data and allow changes more easily. Different perspectives are revealed in the design as the product takes 3D form.

Rendering helps visualize the CAD data and materials, graphics, and lighting bring the product to life.   Great images will generate excitement and help communicate/convince design intent to others.  Multiple views and angles will give more information about the design and functionality.  Careful, however, to not use renderings as a diversion from poor design decisions.

Equally as important as a good product design is how the design is communicated to others (in all steps of the design process).  Design specifications with key dimensions and materials can be used by project managers and engineers as the product goes through prototyping, testing and production.  It is important to ensure details are not lost with hand off to development.  


Founded in 2014 by industrial designer Andrew Roberson (NCSU 2006) with industrial designer wife Lindsay Eng Roberson (RISD 2005) and brother Jon Eng (RISD 2011).  Experienced designers with passion for creating meaningful products and experiences.  A small design team working closely with specialized independent contractors for digital and physical prototyping.